Rachel Brathen Yoga: Ultimate Collection

Rachel Brathen Yoga: Ultimate Collection

Get more yoga and save 20%! Purchase both Rachel Brathen Yoga Collections for the discounted price of $40. Plus, get the bonus Yoga Girl Meditation, a 10-minute guided meditation that will center yourself and lift your spirits. (200 minutes)

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Rachel Brathen Yoga: Ultimate Collection

14 Videos

  • The Everything Is Ok-Flow

    A soft, nurturing sequence that will calm the mind, deepen the breath and stretch the body in a safe and gentle way. (20 min)

  • Rise & Shine!

    This lighthearted practice is designed to wake the body up and create just enough heat to get ready for the day.

  • Sun Saluters Unite!

    It’s time to move! Rachel leads you through sun salutations and enough vinyasas to really break a sweat.

  • Find Your Purpose

    This solid flow practice will ground you, expand the heart and get your blood pumping.

  • Time to Relax

    Rachel leads you through the perfect sequence to wind down after a long day.

  • The Shoulder Unfolder

    This gentle practice targets the areas of the shoulders, neck and the upper back, helping you create space in these areas where we tend to hold a lot of stress.

  • Intuitive Body Awareness Flow

    Move freely in this practice that’s designed to create space for intuitive body movements.

  • Twist & Shout

    Time to sweat! This strong, powerful flow will leave you refreshed and detoxified.

  • Connecting to Your Center

    Our confidence and sense of personal power lies in our core – let’s connect to it!

  • Release & Let Go!

    This calming, cooling session is aimed to help release tension and let go. The practice focuses on the hips and quads, and ends with Rachel’s favorite pose – a beautiful moment with our legs up the wall.

  • Yoga Girl Meditation

    Feel down, tired or just off? Rachel leads this 10-minute guided meditation that will center yourself and lift your spirits.

  • North Coast

    Join Rachel as she gives you a glimpse of her favorite part of Aruba – the wild, and free North Coast.

  • Smoothie Up Your Morning

    Start your day off right! Rachel shows how to make her favorite morning smoothie receipt — "The Big Green Smoothie."

  • What’s SUP?

    Rachel gives you a brief intro and glance at the fun, yet challenging practice of Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga.